Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dukes County Sight Casters Report 07/06/2010

To anyone who comes into contact with me lately, my passionate love for El Nino is surely as palpable as my libidinous disdain for windmills. Hot, calm, sunny, stable weather. Mid day lows. Heaven. Pictured in this spread are Stu and Kim who came all the way from the beaver state to go for a fish on the mothership. Make no mistake class, the last couple of club outings for the Dukes County Sightcasters have been met with mixed results. If it was easy Kevin, everybody would be doin' it. Loads of toads grubbin' pink food...got that. Sometimes feeling like I'm fishing at the bottom of the exit ramp off the Mayflower...got that too. It's funny watching a 20 plus sliding down the flat lookin' for ladies, only to have a nerf ball land on his head or split window blow through and try to give it a hair cut. If you let that stuff piss you off it's gonna be a long summer, just gotta keep on keepin' on kids. But I digress. Good shit; touching a hand full, ogling a myriad. Great summer job...

Harmonious Equanimity,

Captain. W. Brice Contessa