Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dukes County Sight Casters Report

Mister from Pensyl-hio asks, "Hey, old man, summer's here and the close star is emitting that telltale twinkle, what have the Dukes County Sight Casters been getting into?" Well Mister, we've been pushing the big rig around a variety of submerged terra firma, including but not limited to light, dark and patch bottom, finding good numbers of grabby brown clown and double diamond difficult wrasse. Pictured in this spread are Christopher from Falmouth, David from behind the airport, Scott from Trout Unlimited, Michael from the nutmeg state, the author, the brown clown and the coveted fly caught, sight cast, tog wrasse, a potential world record none the less. Congratulations Christopher. I'm very pleased with the current fishing trend on Cayo Martha, hopefully it holds up for us.
Last week I had the opportunity to fish with some interesting folks, Rob and crew who own and operate a website on the island called What's Up Martha. If you know me, you know that I truly believe hyper-local web based content to be the future of media. These guys are riding that wave and riding it well. They also did a nice little write up about their day out fishing with the old man, which you can view here. Thanks for that guys.

"Compass card is spinning, Helm is swinging to and fro"

W. Brice Contessa