Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fishing the Vineyard Report

They say stuff like, "hey old, what are some of the things the Fishing the Vineyard freaks have been finding out there lately?" I say, "why, how about a photo essay"...

Some days we discover a turtle.

Other days we ferret out a rubber ducky. I found this little fella floating around out off the Ocean State. I've named him Elihu. He's accepted a job as my deckhand for the duration of the 2010 campaign. He's not much of a talker, but that's ok, I am.

Once in a while we go up in the forward hatch to get something and low and behold, we expose a hobo.

When we chance upon lost or injured birds, sometimes we hug them to let them know everything is gonna be alright.

Ever and again, we find the need to put ourselves through great anguish and suffering. Nothing that can't be cured with some Ben-Gay and a stiff drink however.

On occasion we get to touch a tunafish. Pictured in this spread are long time FTV friends and contributors Pat from the Backwater and Kevin from Baltimore with a fine specimen captured under the watchful eye of Capt. Tom from the Village aboard F/V Tuna Helper. People ask, "old man, who's Kevin, and why does it seem like you write the blog to him and not to me?" Well kids, Kevin is one of the founding fathers of Fishing the Vineyard (think the along the lines of a 5th Beatle type scenario), and the charter member of the blogspot fan club. In the absence of his criticism/critique I'd surely grow complacent and the quality of the art would deteriorate.

Every so often we happen upon Cassie from Key West, swimmin' with the fishes.

Remember your first day of high school? Your mom dropped you off, and they're were these 2 seniors sitting on the hood of a Pontiac blaring AC/DC and you thought to yourself how badass they were? We find that too.