Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fishing the Vineyard Report

JohnnyCakes from Titletown wonders why no photo essays lately. Me too...

Out in the Ocean SkillyMorre and the Surfer continue to wage a 2 man offensive against the tunafish. It's going pretty well by all accounts. Reeling in those big fish is hard work, sometimes the Surfer just needs a little dirt nap.

And every now and again something remarkable occurs but it rubs through the leader seconds before it can be brought aboard to be photographed and fondled. No Rob, we're never gonna have a picture of you hiding your handsome face behind the above pictured white marlin, but that makes the achievement of catching it on a tactical sight cast with an artificial none the less prodigious. Truly you are an inspiration to us all. Felicitations my friend.

It's the middle of July Kevin, inevitably there's gonna be some Bobby Shorts in the mix.

In the true summer fashion the Dukes County Sightcasters are riding high. Grabby brown clowns crabbing hard over light bottom combined with some top notch anglers has made the push guide's task in effect elementary as of late.

It's the mothership kids, the people watching is always gonna be first rate. For the Jimmy Crab it happens on the beach down in the Bluffs.

And for me it's always gonna be in the Tiz.

"Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile"