Friday, July 22, 2011 report

Every once in a while something comes across the desk at Fishing the Vineyard Headquarters that is deemed so awesome that it needs to be shared with the blogspot community verbatim.

Hey bro just wanted to send you a few pics been killin white rob style down here, went cobia fishing 4 trips caught 39fish biggest been 56lbs caught all but 3 on rod and reel and a few wouldnt eat so they got shot! Mothers either gonna eat or get the heat! u know how i do, you can run but youll only die tired!! this week were hitn snook at the inlet. go hard in the paint waka flacka flame

Capt Rob sunny sun

Captain Rob Bunker runs Seek and Destroy Charters in Vero Beach, FL. Check him out, looks like a good time no?

And out here in the ocean the fishing the vineyard kids find themselves working over a typical mid summer mix of mid range brown and plus sized blue. Overwhelmingly negative light and tidal conditions in the past few days have kept the Dukes County Sight Casters in the barn for the most part, but thankfully a multitude of non-pushpole scenarios have been available to take advantage of.

This is some stuff I found inside a fish...

And this is the coolest picture on the whole internet. I'm home sick, so I had time to check.

Captain W. Brice Contessa