Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fishing the Vineyard Report

It's funny ya know, people are always asking me "hey, old man, what's the story out on that mothership of yours when the summer season begins its transition into autumn?" Generally it's an allegory whose central theme is radness. Lets take a gander...

The greenfish mystery has yet to be fully solved. In the mix, darn tootin'. Consistent, predictable, and close to the dock, not so much. It has however had its moments. Pictured in this spread are Barney from the bay state and Justin from title town. It's hard to believe I caught my first bonito 20 years ago this month. No matter how frustrating, difficult and downright strange they can be they are and will remain an all time fave.

The teeth are robust this year, no doubt about that. Kevin from Demerast alleges that I should save fluffing the toothy fish for the custies. I'm inclined to disagree. I think plus size blues are really great, especially over shallow patch/splotch bottom where we've been finding them lately. Pictured in the photographic conglomerate to the north here are Larry from the Chemung watershed, Miles from the Lonestar state and Bill from OysterWatcha. Nice work boys.

Drew from Gotham graced us with his presence over the weekend. In order to satiate his compulsion to extirpate he hooked up with @theguyfromcoops. Always a canny maneuver.

And then there's our old friend the striped fish who at the moment is proving smallish and periodically arduous to unearth with our chosen methodology. That's quite alright though, and frankly to be expected at this stage of the game. Surely as the diurnal cycles curtail and the thermometers inaugurate their annual trek downhill the brown clown will ride again.

You got that right.

"We're all in this together, and we love to take a bath"