Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Recap

Probably the best part about fishing the vineyard in general, this time of year specifically, is the variety of program options that one can enjoy. This weekend was really exemplary of that, lets have a look...

By happy chance there are plenty of nice green bonito in the mix at the current juncture. Pictured in this spread are Mamma Cass from the Village, JhonnyCakes from Titletown, the author Big Joe from Gay Head, little Joe from Kauai and my lawyer. Don't blow the rock kids. Save our Sound.

As far as the Dukes County Sight Casters are concerned it's still going really well. Happy fish crabbing over light bottom has been the main act lately, which is great, probably my favorite way to fish stripes. Pictured in this spread are Ron from north of the bayou, Michael from the sunshine state, the author and the brown clown. Pretty work guys, really great.

Out in the ocean we're finding a mixed bag. When you open the bag and look in, what you see is tuna, marlin and shark. No place in the world I'd rather be, great summer job.

"This is what salvation must be like after a while"

Fishing The Vineyard