Monday, July 6, 2009

Fishing the Vineyard Report 07/06/09

The years just keep sliding by don't they? Another 4th of July come and gone on the emerald isle. Thankfully, currently the Vineyard is fishing more like it usually does in June than it does in July. Summer doldrums? Not so much. Commercial season? Still a week away. Bass choking up the rips, patch reefs and flats? Indeed. We had an amazing weekend of fishing on the rock with bites that ran the gamut from early morning slick water pencil popping in the fog to blue bird sunny crab fly scenarios in 8 inches of fluid that pitted man against beast in a scene rarely played out outside of the coliseum in Roma. Some inky squid blitzes sprinkled into the mix for good measure. Only in America.


Captain W. Brice Contessa