Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fishing the Vineyard Report 07/29/09 Part Deux

This morning aboard F/V Gut Feeling fishing with Captain Robert Douglas Morrison of Fishing the Vineyard/Coop's/Ocean Heights fame, Matt from NY(pictured above) laid the smack down on this Sarda Sarda and gave it a ride back to town in a cooler. This brings the score as we get toward the end of the month Red Team (Rob) 2 Green Team (Bones) 0. This fish was taken on a tin jig fished with a speedy retrieve; a time honored tactic for Sarda and Euthynnus from Manasquan to Menemsha. Donations to get Robby a real camera so we all can stop suffering through these hideous camera phone pics can be sent to Coop's or my PO Box. Multiple bone reports were circulating around the pier this morning; not trying to get everybody's hopes up, but usually when they start filling in at this point in the season the beach looks like a flippin' mosh pit inside of 2 weeks. Fingers crossed 'till next time.


Captain W. Brice Contessa
Fishing the Vineyard