Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fishing the Vineyard Report 07/21/09

So it's been like 10 days since my last diatribe. Why you might ask? Well, the words 'dude you're gettin' a Dell' come to mind. Fear not. I'll be joining modern society and getting a Mac here in short order which should make the daily posting scenario more of a reality. As for the fishing on campus Mothership right now it's still going along pretty well. There are bass on the flats and some out in open water eating small bait on top. There's also been a recent influx of blues, but they don't seem to want to set up in any one particular spot but rather keep us running around and searching them out on a daily basis. Thanks assholes. Haven't heard of any green fish in the mix as of yet, but watch, the last week of July is usually when the bone rumors start to permeate and I'd imagine that this year will be no exception.

Pictured in the above spread are David from London (gent with the striped shirt) and yours truly. David and I sight cast for bass and popper cast for blues which was productive on both fronts. Being from the UK David had never caught teeth before and he thought they were the bee's knees! I was inclined to agree, they were preforming some rather funky maneuvers on the topwater stuff that afternoon.

Sunny Salutations...

Captain W. Brice Contessa