Friday, May 20, 2011

Fishing the Vineyard Report

I hear the rumblings. It goes something like "The idiosyncratic parlance of the blogspot has surely made any attempt at a foray into mainstream media futile at best, fatuous at worst." The links above say touche sucka. The first one is an informative piece meant to introduce visiting anglers to some of the opportunities that exist on the Vineyard. The second essentially amounts to a socialist manifesto on fisheries management. Enjoy.

And then there's the fishing scenario...really strong at the extant kismet. Pictured in this spread are Flando from behind the pit, Uncle Christo from the Tar Heel state, and the author. These guys hadn't gone fly fishing in over 10 years (I screwed around with it a little last year but nothing major) , but seemingly it's like riding the proverbial bike.

W. Brice Contessa