Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jamaican Me Crazy

Pictured in this spread are DJ D Dub and Esco, the founding members of the Jamaican Bass Sled team. These two are amongst the finest that the Caribbean has to offer in terms of fishing ability. We were on serious dawn patrol this morning, but it paid dividends in the form of a relatively fast paced pick of healthy slot fish with a few bigger in the mix. Lot of life in the water right now, that's for damn sure. All and all an awesome morning with a couple of great dudes. On a programing note, as long as the tracking info I got on my new camera is correct and I don't sleep through the post office closing this afternoon today will mark the end of the cell phone pic era; it's been a good run, but clearly it's getting a little ridiculous.

"Oh! Fisherman row to reap what you sow now"

Captain W. Brice Contessa