Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fishing the Vineyard turns 200

It’s funny ya know, I always pondered what I might do with the bicentennial post. Kevin from Baltimore opines (and of course I’ve recapitulated here, just a touch), “Adhere to the rubric. Percolate the same content that electrified the grassroots for the last 199, and maybe give them a little taste of how it’s generated.” Amiably…

They ask me stuff like, “Why are the kids always hiding behind the fish?” Well, what started as a shout out to the Bonefish Whisperer, has grown into a explicit identity protection strategy. Having ones likeness depicted on the blogspot is an accord which must be considered with the utmost seriousness. Clearly, it’s a comedy piece and meant to be taken with a grain. But the foul language, adult themes, cryptical envelopment, politics and kegstands will inevitably be problematic for some. Mostly heads of state and such, but the option of anonymity is extended to all.

This next set comes to us from the Wandering Woods Hippie. I highly recommend following this blog, it is east coast hardcore at its absolute finest. Guide credit on the backwater bomb scare above to @the.guy.from.Coops.

In closing, on behalf of all of us in the Fishing the Vineyard family I want to extend my gratitude to you, the fans, for your continued support and loyalty. Sans your piety the dream of reaching this milestone would have never come to fruition.