Monday, June 1, 2009

Fishing The Vineyard Report 06/01/09

Hello friends, welcome back to another action packed edition of the Fishing the Vinny blog. The story of the weekend was open water, sandeels, fly rods and plus sized striped fish. I've gotten away from this style of fishing considerably in the past few years, but the fact remains, when it's good it's good and when the weather allows, you need to be there. Pictured in this spread are Jim and Phil. These guys are native New Englanders and first rate fly fisherman. We found fish in a wide range of depths and locales. Hot flies were sparse decivers and tan over white half and halfs fished on 300 -400 grain sinking lines. The fish ranged from 24-32 inch with a healthy alotment of 3 foot plus individuals in the mix. The fishing is solid right now and I hope it keeps up. The end of June is filling fast, but we've still got prime dates available then and plenty in the first half of the month.

See you on the Water,

Capt. W. Brice Contessa