Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fishing the Vineyard Report 06/10/09

Hey ladies and gents; I'm home from my vacation (Camden was the highlight for sure) and I've been fishing since my return to the Vineyard. That's been a good choice on my part, because it's been extremely strong. This morning I fished with Palo Alto California's own Dr. Andy whose pictured in this spread. Dr. Andy is predominantly a trout fisherman, but you could have fooled me and he definitely fooled the stripers. Today we encountered a load of fish on top rolling and crashing while eating sandeels. They didn't seem to be localized to a particular area or keyed in on a certain phase of the tide; just up and down at a medhodical rhythmic pace in most of the spots we checked for the entire morning. Not the most or the biggest that I've ever seen, but a lot of nice big fat ones for sure. Hot flies were sparse half and half's and decivers. The heavy cloud cover contributed to these fish's willingness to eat flies and stay high in the water column late into the day. The clouds are also the main factor in my inability to offer you a sight fishing report at the current juncture. Lucky for me the sun and the sharpies are on the way so I should have more for you on that front in the not so distant future.

Shine On,

W. Brice Contessa