Friday, June 26, 2009

Fishing the Vineyard Report: Late June

Well, the wind has finally stopped blowing for at least a little while. Hopefully the content on the blog here will follow suit. In my last report I said that the team was gonna be out there getting rods bent in the wind and rain. I was wrong. It was worse than we thought it was gonna be, and everybody bagged the beginning of the week. When we pulled out to the digits mid week everybody's thinking the same thing you always think when you get back out after a sustained blow; 'are they still gonna be here?'. The answer is this case was yes. Pictured here are David from DC and Jeff from Buffalo (red jacket). These guys are both talented anglers and made my job the last few days easy.
The fishing on our little isle has been all good for the last 3 days. Same deal as we've been reporting all spring/early summer: gray days, open water, rolling fish, hi-fives and orange gloves. And all this on nice cookie cutter size pajama fish (2 foot average give or take) with some big studs in the mix for those willing to cull. The water temps are still well below where they usually are at this point in the season, and the fish are still covered in bugs, so it seems intuitive that the action we are experiencing currently will sustain into the foreseeable future. That brings me to my next point; we still have prime dates available, especially in July. If the sun ever does come back out I'll be sure post up with a sight fishing report. Whether or not that ever happens is the subject of much great debate as we speak.

RIP Michael...

Captain W. Brice Contessa