Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ftv report 9/1/10

Picked up a few bonito on monday and tuesday. Skok's mushmouth and Justin's surf candy were the ticket for these picky bones.

Capt. Jaime Boyle

Monday, August 30, 2010

Dukes County Sight Casters

08/30/2010 Vineyard Sound Civic Center, Martha's Vineyard, MA

Set I

Touch of Green
Brown Muddy River
Feather Report Suite>
King Solomon's BaitBalls
Playin' on the Sand>
One More Searobin Fight>
Playin' On the Sand

Set II

China Cat Shoal Tower>
I Know You Strider
Stuck Inside of Bow Bell, With the Cocktail Blues Again
CedarTree Jed>
Little Red Merkin>
Seek your Day Slob>
And We Bid You Good Fight
Sunshine Daydream

Encore: Crabwolves of London

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fishing the Vineyard Report

Kat from the Tiz asks, "old man, what do the Fishing the Vineyard kids do to alleviate the pococurantism induced by a mid summers nor'easter that inhabits the mothership for what resembles a fortnight?" Well young lady, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a photo essay is worth how ever many thousand words you get when you multiply the number of pictures you used in said essay by one thousand. In this case eight thousand words...

A quick visit up to Terrapin Station is always fun. When we get sick of harassing these little critters I'll let y'all know, but truthfully I wouldn't hold my breath.

Naturally, we pour over the season's highlight reel. Whether or not to reveal the identity of the bird fish dominatrix was a decision process that can only be described as long and arduous. In the long run however, the look on the face of Mikey from the South End when he sees this and realizes who it was this whole time tipped the scales in favor of affirmation.

Browsing the up island boat market is always entertaining.

Heck, sometimes we even buy that shit and tow it back east. Pictured in this spread are the old man and his new toy, a 22 Pathfinder. Kevin from Baltimore wonders, "what the hell are you gonna do with that thing?" Take six people to go catch white marlin at like 50 mph is what I had in mind, but I'm open to suggestions. Also, we're having a 'name that boat' contest. Entries can be submitted via mail or email. Dave already denied me on Smurf Master.

When the wind finally drops out we hop in the little boat with Larry from the Chemung and go see if the mac-tuna are still bouncin' round the sound. Luckily for the kids, they are.

Don't even think about it punks. Were I to sell, where would they ensepulcher my remains after my time here on kid rock is complete?


Monday, August 23, 2010

Fishing the Vineyard would like to congratulate Jackson Brex on his Black Sea Bass. This fished weighed in at 5 Lbs 2oz and is the new leader in the Mass saltwater derby junior division.

Good luck Jackson,
Capt. Jaime Boyle

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dukes County Sight Casters Report 08/21/10

Ted from the Willamette National Forest asks "old man, do the Dukes County SightCasters hang up their spurs once the dog days roll around up on that mothership?" Elucidation: "Nah son. Just slide up on some light bottom and groove on a mixed bag of striped and robin fish." Pictured in this spread are Peter from Gotham, Dave from Berkley, Laura from Boulder and the Teradactyl Tamer. Never got the gull's name. Pretty much status quo on the rock at the moment kids.

"Out here on my own, I watch it ebb and flow"


Monday, August 16, 2010

Fishing the Vineyard Report

Kevin from Baltimore asks (and I'm paraphrasing here) "Hey old man, why do you post reports that feature obscure text and pictures with altered colors instead of just bombarding the server with images of the kid's greenfish exploits like everybody else?" Fine.

08/12/2010 - 8:00AM

And if you thought I wasn't putting an Elihu shot in there you're bat-shit kiddo.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fishing the Vine Report 08/15/2010

Inquiring minds want to know, "old timer, how do you know when the Vine is ripe?" The obvious answer to those in the know is "mostly green, with little brown spots and a couple of patches of deep thick blue." Pictured in this spread are EveryJuan from The Run Around, Patrick from WSFly, Mister from Pensyl-hio, Larry from the Chemung and the Rob Morrison Quartet. Special thanks to Johnny from the Hogadon Valley (formerly of Philly/Village East) for guiding EveryJuan to copious micro-skiff mac-tuna whilst I was working and dealing with various maintenance issues. Needless to say, campus is fishing well at the moment.

I tried to stop him, but he got this crazed look in his eyes and just started cutting.

Captain W. Brice Contessa

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fishing The Vineyard Report

Fishing on the mothership currently consists of a pick of smallish striped fish and largeish mac-tuna. Pictured in this spread are Bill and Sally from the Garden state and Larry from the Chemung River region. Light winds, warm air, bait appears to be plentiful, fish seem happy, and I'm definitely happy. Great summer job...


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fishing the Vineyard Report

They say stuff like, "hey old, what are some of the things the Fishing the Vineyard freaks have been finding out there lately?" I say, "why, how about a photo essay"...

Some days we discover a turtle.

Other days we ferret out a rubber ducky. I found this little fella floating around out off the Ocean State. I've named him Elihu. He's accepted a job as my deckhand for the duration of the 2010 campaign. He's not much of a talker, but that's ok, I am.

Once in a while we go up in the forward hatch to get something and low and behold, we expose a hobo.

When we chance upon lost or injured birds, sometimes we hug them to let them know everything is gonna be alright.

Ever and again, we find the need to put ourselves through great anguish and suffering. Nothing that can't be cured with some Ben-Gay and a stiff drink however.

On occasion we get to touch a tunafish. Pictured in this spread are long time FTV friends and contributors Pat from the Backwater and Kevin from Baltimore with a fine specimen captured under the watchful eye of Capt. Tom from the Village aboard F/V Tuna Helper. People ask, "old man, who's Kevin, and why does it seem like you write the blog to him and not to me?" Well kids, Kevin is one of the founding fathers of Fishing the Vineyard (think the along the lines of a 5th Beatle type scenario), and the charter member of the blogspot fan club. In the absence of his criticism/critique I'd surely grow complacent and the quality of the art would deteriorate.

Every so often we happen upon Cassie from Key West, swimmin' with the fishes.

Remember your first day of high school? Your mom dropped you off, and they're were these 2 seniors sitting on the hood of a Pontiac blaring AC/DC and you thought to yourself how badass they were? We find that too.