Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fishing the Vineyard 2010 Holiday Report

Conceptualizing the reincarnation of planet bolgspot has been akin to an unguided trek through the tumultuous pass traversing the clandestine and the conjunct. Although concerns on this front have yet to be fully alleviated, it has become apparent that the appropriate course of action at the current juncture is to forge on with the project. Possibly the most complex aspect of content generation is the bold and all to often vein proposition of attempting to interpret the muddled and kaleidoscopic tapestry that makes up the eastern seascape of the gray matter betwixt my ears. Recently however, certain images concerning the re-launch have emerged with a higher degree of clarity and resonance than I previously thought possible. These include, but are not limited to, a phoenix, rising auspiciously from the ashes of doubt, that of a newborn babe, emerging triumphantly from the amniotic fluid of elucidation and commonplace and finally a wailing hobo, drunk on the elixir of infamy and omnipotence.

Pictured in this spread is Jolly Roger the elf, Tom from the sunshine state, Josh from OB, Jon the Fisherman, Slime-Dart Larry, and Barron Von Blackfish. There are inherent obstacles in surmising the planet mothership autumn 2010 fishing crusade. I think it’s safe to say that the general sentiment amongst island anglers is that a little more cooperation from the fish would have been greatly appreciated. That stated, there were some notable catches, and the kids found their names gracing the derby chalk like always. Sadly however, for the most part this fall will be forever logged in the annals of time as a wind shorn disappointment. But hey, spending the harvest season marooned on a tiny rock out in the North Atlantic with a couple of thousand drunks clinging to it obviously thwarts being stuck in a copper mine, or an office, so I'll put my tiny violin back in its case for now.

The link above is a window into a new project that I’ve undertaken. Print is dead kids. This is what a newspaper is gonna look like in your life time, get used to it. Seriously though, is a cutting edge subsidiary of AOL that’s revolutionizing/reinventing the conceptual framework of modern culture as it pertains to the dissemination of information on planet earth, so I opted to get in on the ground floor. I suggest you do the same. The site goes live on 12/29 and the launch features a page turning pickerel article from the old man, so be sure to check back then.

I’d like to take this opportunity to extend a happy and healthy holiday season to all of you who have helped make Fishing the Vineyard into the institution it has become. You know who you are; clients, friends, family, fans and Kevin alike. Sans your love and support there would be no blogspot, further bolstering the position of those who seek to emphatically espouse the downfall of western civilization in general.

Have a Cool Yule,