Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fishing the Vineyard Late Fall Report

It's funny ya know, people are always asking me, "hey, old man, what becomes of the kids during the eleventh month, when the striped fish and the touristas have flown south and you're left to your own devices?" Lets check it out...

First, there's one last trip up to the jetty to make sure that no green fish slipped past the proverbial goalie. I can assure you, they did not.

Next, you put the guide op into hibernation for the winter. I've got to admit, putting your plugs in the dishwasher is one of the simple joys of being single...

Then there's one last trip out on the Boylermaker with Jimmy Crab from the big city and Stacey from the Fort to celebrate the harvest like the kids do and accumulate some flesh for the smoker...

After that all you're left with is the elusive and hetty Cayo Martha sweetwater. Fishing the Vineyard confidant Mister from Pensyl-hio has it down to a science at this point in his career. I asked him where it all goes down, I got the token response of course.

And sometimes there's a Wrasse itch. What does one do when the wrasse itch needs a scratchin'? Go down to the Bronx and get up with the crew from the Island Current for a day of pitting your wits against the cunning blackfish over some of western Long Island Sound's finest hard bottom. Pictured in this spread are Brian from the four one, big brown from City island, Jean from the Bronx and the tog-wrasse. Thanks for letting me hang out guys, I learned a lot.

Soon after turning heads at the Halloween show with the Donny Baseball costume, you see a bumper sticker, adopt a new mantra, throw all your shit in a bag and go to the airport.

And then you're in the sunshine state. Accompanied by long time friends and contributors Marshal Law, Patty from the Backwater and Mama Cass from the cradle of union, southeast Florida gets taken by storm. Well played kids, fun trip.

Sometimes the chain fish are simply not enough. When it's apparent that this is the condition it's up north with Dave from behind the airport and @theguyfromcoops to spar with the water wolf. It's hard to describe accurately in this format just what it takes to ride a pike bubble. Lets just say it's highly technical and not for the faint of heart. Pretty work gentlemen.

"Promontory Rider, Territory Ranger"