Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fishing the Vineyard Report

Another July almost come and gone, can you believe it ? What do fishing the vineyard kids do to bide the time leading up to the eighth month?

Aboard F/V Gut Feeling under the watchful eye of the guy from Coop's the bow has been a varitible horn of plenty. Amongst this pumping cornucopia of life has been green fish, brown fish, and bluefish. Pretty work with the triple crown scenario.

Out on the Jimmy skiff it's been a mix of the pretty shit and whisperin' with the striped fish. Really great stuff I think.

Out on the Blue Wail it's predominantly consisted of puttin' the 'crab in my shoemouth'


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dukes County Sight Casters Report

I get asked all the time, "hey, old man, even fishing the vineyard kids get sick days right?"

The answer to that is yes. Sometimes 4 in a row in fact. Don't worry kids, I'll be fine. Joel teaches us that "only the good die young", so obviously I'm in the clear. The blog project has a long way to go before the bell tolls Kevin. So what does one do on the mother ship when they can't go fishing? Lets find out together...

The first thing to attend to is pour over the pics from last week and be sure to include anyone who was left out. Pictured in this spread are Noel from Nectars, the Rowdy, and the author. Sight casting and open water fishing have both been reliable options in recent days/weeks. Nice work guys...

Soon its down to brass tacks. Tie flies and rig gear; there is a tournament coming up you know Mister. Sorry, tips and tackle or whatever shit you call this has never been the part of writing fishing reports that I've really excelled at. The lures are organized and the flies are akin to that good?

Next you make it down to the postie and get up with the new Fishing the Vineyard stickers (coming soon to a stop sign near you). Everybody can have one, gratis. The only rule is you gotta come see us out on the Cayo and grab it in person. Looks like it was ripped from the poster to a horror movie or something; I'm really happy about it.

Trolling the internet for the ultimate in fishing content passes great chunks of idle time. This is that dude you always see at East Beach in the derby reeling in huge sharks over white sand down in the sunshine state. Truly the period of human history in which we live is quite wondrous.

Finally once you're on the mend you have the freaks over to the leg porch for cocktail hour in dress attire.

But wait, you've been back for a couple of days right? Where are the pictures of the recent days anglers, fondling the brown clown? It's funny ya know, I don't have any of those. A litany of excuses/cliches regarding wind and tide, time and place and the inherent difficulties of the sightcast experiment would be a logical way to wrap this up, but I'll skip it. Sometimes the cards fall kinda funny and you don't catch anything. No ones fault really, a couple of wrong turns on my end, a couple of flubbed casts on theirs is really all it takes. Eventually though, infirmary time and a couple of slow guide loops combined and it's been six days since you touched one of the fuckin' things. Then what? Back out after work and pole yourself up on one, breathing life back into the mojo I hope. Give it a little peck on the gill plate and set it free. Use obscure orange diablo for style points.

"Don't want to be a painter, 'cause everyone comes to look"

Brice Contessa
Fishing the Vineyard

Friday, July 22, 2011 report

Every once in a while something comes across the desk at Fishing the Vineyard Headquarters that is deemed so awesome that it needs to be shared with the blogspot community verbatim.

Hey bro just wanted to send you a few pics been killin white rob style down here, went cobia fishing 4 trips caught 39fish biggest been 56lbs caught all but 3 on rod and reel and a few wouldnt eat so they got shot! Mothers either gonna eat or get the heat! u know how i do, you can run but youll only die tired!! this week were hitn snook at the inlet. go hard in the paint waka flacka flame

Capt Rob sunny sun

Captain Rob Bunker runs Seek and Destroy Charters in Vero Beach, FL. Check him out, looks like a good time no?

And out here in the ocean the fishing the vineyard kids find themselves working over a typical mid summer mix of mid range brown and plus sized blue. Overwhelmingly negative light and tidal conditions in the past few days have kept the Dukes County Sight Casters in the barn for the most part, but thankfully a multitude of non-pushpole scenarios have been available to take advantage of.

This is some stuff I found inside a fish...

And this is the coolest picture on the whole internet. I'm home sick, so I had time to check.

Captain W. Brice Contessa

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fishing the Vineyard Report

Seemingly, stern seat on the Boylermaker was the hot spot to be ridin' this mornin'. Pretty work kids. Early.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fishing the Vineyard Report

JohnnyCakes from Titletown wonders why no photo essays lately. Me too...

Out in the Ocean SkillyMorre and the Surfer continue to wage a 2 man offensive against the tunafish. It's going pretty well by all accounts. Reeling in those big fish is hard work, sometimes the Surfer just needs a little dirt nap.

And every now and again something remarkable occurs but it rubs through the leader seconds before it can be brought aboard to be photographed and fondled. No Rob, we're never gonna have a picture of you hiding your handsome face behind the above pictured white marlin, but that makes the achievement of catching it on a tactical sight cast with an artificial none the less prodigious. Truly you are an inspiration to us all. Felicitations my friend.

It's the middle of July Kevin, inevitably there's gonna be some Bobby Shorts in the mix.

In the true summer fashion the Dukes County Sightcasters are riding high. Grabby brown clowns crabbing hard over light bottom combined with some top notch anglers has made the push guide's task in effect elementary as of late.

It's the mothership kids, the people watching is always gonna be first rate. For the Jimmy Crab it happens on the beach down in the Bluffs.

And for me it's always gonna be in the Tiz.

"Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile"


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fishing the Vineyard Report

It's onerous to fathom that another independence day has come and gone. The years just keep sliding by don't they? Clearly, the predominant color scheme on planet blogspot this season has been brown. Kevin from Plover wonders, "why not shake it up a bit, show the kids something blue?" Fair enough. Pictured in this spread is Robert-Douglas from Chase, Sleeves from fly over country, the Surfmaster, Tom from the highest state, the author, and some of our various blue friends, in this case fin and fish. To say we've been up to our assholes in alligators recently would be a markedly dire understatement. It seems like this years crop of teeth are plus size which is nice for kids and custies alike. The bluefin on the other hand are just right. Healthy, turgid, robust slot fish which are manageable on gear you can actually cast. Really Great. Stay tuned...