Friday, June 29, 2007

6.28.07 report

SW winds, light boat traffic, and tons of terrified squid added up to great bass fishing this past week on the Vineyard. Things are pretty good when way more keeper bass than bluefish come over the rail in the course of any given day. We’ve got quality and quantity right now with numerous flyrod fish between 20 and 30 pounds landed this week!
To top it off, fresh fish seem to be arriving daily. This past Monday, we ran into a school of migrating fish in open water that must have numbered in the multiple thousands. Looking out to the horizon, you could barely see the end of this school of slurping, waking bass up to 30 pounds.
From the sand, Lobsterville has finally come alive this week along with many other lesser-known stretches of beach on the North Shore. Keep moving until you find what you’re looking for—that’s been the key for the past few nights.
Pick a point on the compass and go fishing. It’s tough to wrong these days!