Friday, September 4, 2009

First Report for September

Well, here we are. Labor day weekend folks, another summer come and gone on the mother rock. Now, as the the tourists pack their bags and head back to the cities and the kiddies start sharpening their pencils and heading back to class the Fishing the Vineyard boys are gearing up for some of the most fun fishing that we get to do all season. September is probably my favorite fishing month of the year because you have all 4 species in the mix, sometimes with in extremely close proximity to one another. Pictured here is Bryan from NYC. Today there was one species in the mix for us and that species was tunny. We worked our asses off to catch this little fish, and while we weren't quite giddy like a couple of school girls ('cause that's not our style) it's safe to say we were pretty psyched. Derby time is on the way so inevitably reports will be getting fewer and further between. This is a factor of exhaustion and also an attempt to shroud ourselves in a veil of secrecy. Plus you try coming up with this stuff everyday.

For Strength and Honor...

Brice Contessa