Sunday, December 4, 2011

Make it a Gamefish

Striped Bass Gamefish from Taylor Vavra on Vimeo.

It's funny ya know, people are always asking me, "hey, old man, what's your opinion on gamefish status for striped fish?" Well it's a multi faceted and complex issue Kevin, but I'm in favor of it. It's a precious resource kids, lets all get together and treat it accordingly before it's to late. Anyhow, watch this vid from the Stripers Forever folks, there's a couple of cameos by the author and the lawyer pushing over some local light bottom not to mention cometary courtesy of Dave from behind the airport and Coopy from the bait hut.

Recently I got a chance to hook up with the guys @ St. Peter's Fly Shop out in the Fort and try my hand at some mountain trout. If you're ever in NorCol I highly recommend looking these fellas up, first rate operation all the way.

What? Unless you're a trusty or a transient this is what being a fishing guide looks like sometimes.

"There's mosquitoes on the river
Fish are rising up like birds"

Fishing the Vineyard