Saturday, April 23, 2011

A New Chapter

Drew from Tudor City estimates(paraphrasing as is customary), "Why would one even consider it? Dissolve a brand that you've cultivated for a decade, not to mention the undisputed sexiest moniker industry wide, in favor of a bland, impersonal title?" Well Drew, all I can say is that the mothership is a fluid entity my friend. I've got a new boat and some new ideas, so logic dictated that the time for a new website with an updated URL had come. So that's it, if and when a formal press release to this effect is issued I'll be sure to link it here. But realistically, this, and some new checks to pacify my debtors, are likely to represent the extent of the announcement. Oh and I got new business cards. Anyway, the link is below, you can like us on facebook and all that other happy horseshit. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.

But you know, it's more than that Hoagie. Times on the rock are changin' man. I mean, TeTe's takin' the bar, the village kids are makin' moves as always, Jimmy's gettin' hitched, Jesus-God, @RobbieMorre even left the nest! And as for me, the novel is nearing completion. The conceptual phase has been everything up to now.

So for the moment, project blogspot continues. Marching on like a soldier, blinded with the passion that can be instilled solely by youth, and nationalism. The fishing season is right around the corner, so be sure to check in here frequently in the coming weeks for the blow by blow. It is you, the fans, that make this all possible, and for that we are eternally grateful.

"Mama, mama many worlds I've come since I first left home"