Thursday, April 28, 2011

Preseason Report

Stacey from the Fort conjectures; "What's preseason on the pebble all about anyway?" Surely the only appropriate delineation is a photo essay, right?...

So the crabbing has been somewhat indolent, I'll be the first to admit it. Seemingly Sig Hanson I am not. This, combined with the fact that Mako's is only open 2 days a week leads me to believe that Jimmy's chowder pots will again this spring be the effigy of a barren wasteland, void of wrasse.

The English fella is still a looker after all these years. He's waking up early for this Royal Wedding scenario tomorrow. He's kind of like that uncle you have who never got married...

Another great rite of spring on our little planet in the ocean is orphan Easter. All us wash-ashore types go home for Christmas and such, but sadly for our kinfolk, the resurrection came at the wrong time of year man, and it almost always proves impossible to get away. So Mama-Cass from the rust-belt fires out a Hawaiian ham, the old man cashes in on a mac and cheese coupon, brothers ballgame wax the shuffle deck, and a festy is born.

Inevitably, there's one last trip to America. I know Kevin, a boat on a boat...oh the irony.

And the funny thing is, it's like nothing even changed since you've been overseas. Shit, the packaging on the Doritos is even how I remembered! Oh, and I found this little gem over there as well. They'll sell you a taco here for 89 cents!! I know I expatriated for a reason, but clearly the conjoined 48 are as seductive a mistress as they ever were.

When I visit the states I always make an effort to build something of historical and/or cultural significance into the matrix of the excursion. This isn't bullshit by the way. It kills me that I can't find a picture of Drew and I at the Liberty Bell like 2 hours before the Philly show on 11/25/09. Pictured above is Plymouth Rock. I'm told it hurts when it lands on you and I now know from first hand experience that it lives in a cage. Freedom isn't free kids. I threw a penny on it and wished for good fishing this season; I know, I'm a sap.

So the real reason for today's errand was the fabrication of the poling platform for my new blue skiff. The facilitators of this endeavor were the boys at Fastech Marine in Buzzards Bay ( If you tune your frequency to planet blogspot, you are aware that promoting stuff I don't truly believe to be radical is as far outside of my wheelhouse as the use of pedestrian vocabulary, not beating on Mister in the tourney, or drinking wine at a bar. In all my years in the marine industry I have yet to come across an operation as polished as this one. Highly recommend checking them out. Special thanks to Scott, Shawn, Justin and the crew; job well done.

So the Dukes County Sightcasters ride again kids, back for season 10 on the mothership by the skin of the teeth on the 8:30 Island Home outa the Hole. Long day, well worth it. I know, I know...sweet blagh, KYS, get a lyphe, show us a picture of a fish already. Duly noted. Next one has stripes.

"I'd give you everything I got for little peace of mind"