Saturday, May 14, 2011

Early Days

It's been some years since I experienced success on my first go-round of the fishing season. There are a multitude of factors that contribute to the seasonality of a given fishery, and for whatever reason it seems that here on the island things have been a little slow out of the gate for the past few years. This year has been a bit of a departure from that trend. Island wide anglers already seem to be finding targetable numbers of striped fish inside the estuaries and on the outer beaches. Found this little marsh pirate about half an hour into this years tour opener, tucked way up into a corner along a sod bank at the top of the tide. Landed one other and missed a couple of bites. All and all not a Seal Team 6 style assault or anything like that, but a nice way to get on the board for the year on a beautiful Friday afternoon when I should have been at work. The Fishing the Vineyard squad is gonna be in heavy rotation by the end of next week, so be sure to stay tuned here for the latest.

Captain W. Brice Contessa