Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fishing the Vineyard - Mid - June - Synopsis

Bill from Jackson drew a tough day. An old adage dictates that when the wind is from the north, wise anglers don't go forth. That's all well and good, but striped fish season is only a few months long, so generally Fishing the Vineyard kids go anyway. Plus sometimes we hammer on a north. This day not so much, but we did prove that persistence pays. "Thanks for being there partner."

Phil from Toronto proved to be an interesting case study. I fish a lot of strong anglers, and Phil stands amongst any of them. His skill set translates nicely to the potato farm and the skinny patch bottom, which is convenient for him, less so for the brown clown. Pretty work Phil.

And sometimes the sun-dog comes. And then the kids begin to whisper. Pictured in this montage are the author and the Jimmy Crab. What can you even say about Jimmy. Look at the lips. Look at the slime. Truly you are the Obi Wan to our Skywalker.