Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fishing the Vineyard Report

When the Surfmaster from Dark Woods woke up on Sunday he thought he'd go out for a friendly aboard F/V Gut Feeling with the guy from Coops and Al and Maggie from Chase. Heck, he thought he might even get a nice doormat. Don't think he bargained for the whole rug. A tourista from the great white north commented that he didn't know we had halibut here. Neither did I. Congratulations to Captain and crew on a truly magnificent achievement. The striped fish have been hitting the deck as well. It's like, what can't this guy do?

Aboard the Blue Wail the fishing has been sometimes fast, sometimes slow, always colorful of course. Pictured above are Nicole from the aloha state, the author and the brown clown. When she's not teaching classes or kayak guiding in Volcano National, Nicole can be found floating around Cayo Martha, shredding on topwater. Pretty work Nicole.

A note to the striped fish. Beware. If your not careful when swimming by the kids you may wind up panko encrusted over a bed of udon, in a shitake miso broth. Good for us, for you not so much.

"Never could read no road map, No I don't know what the weather might do"