Monday, July 19, 2010

Fishing the Vineyard Report 07/19/2010

Pictured in this spread are Pamela and James from the Granite State. This husband and wife bluegrass duo (he plays 12 string and she plays mandolin, can't make it up Kevin) had never fly fished in saltwater before their trip to campus mothership. Fishing first timers can go a couple of different ways. When people come in with pre conceived notions, misaligned chi, or are unamenable when it comes to the instruction scenario, usually the results are poor. When people pack a positive attitude, appropriate expectations and their listening cap like these 2 did, things tend to turn out quite well. Fly fishing is a funny game ya know. To say that it's an experience as opposed to results based exercise is a grotesquely colossal understatement. On this jaunt we apprehended 4 small fish and it was one of most notably auspicious and fruitfully victorious excursions in recent memory.

'All you need is love'...

Brice Contessa