Saturday, July 31, 2010

Green Hit...

One of the main inquiries that crosses my desk over here at FTV headquarters is "Old Man, why do you insist upon periodically failing to produce content for a weeks time or more?" Generally, my answer to that is "hey man, I'm but a yeoman in a funky old guide boat, I'm giving you my foremost effort but sometimes your tired feet get buried in the quagmire ya know." That's true, however this recent hiatus has been due to a visit from some trout bums and a heinous case of tuna fever. Ryan Davey and his crew (pictured in the spread along side Jimmy, Mister, and the marlin dreamer) are great. If you've seen any of these guys flicks you know how they roll; somehow managing to make a sport as goofy as ours look cool. This year they're traveling up and down the right coast making a documentary about striped fish called 'Between the Lines'. I'll be sure to drop the knowledge when it's coming to theaters near you. I fell off the push tower during filming, so clearly you won't want to miss it. Tuna fever is a curious ailment you know Kevin, it makes you buy shit you don't need and blow off shit you should be doing. Hey look though, every now and again even the Fishing the Vineyard bairns have to come back inside the 20 fathom line and make some money. Fortunately for us, the fishing on kid rock remains relatively strong at the current juncture. Juve stripes are staging over the reefs, enjoying the mid summer climes and menu options. Yellow eye is there when you need him and there are still some studs in the amalgam. Furthermore, Mac-Tuna are now available in targetable amounts. At no point yet have I gotten on the radio with the Coast Guard to tell them that we're being invaded by the green plague or anything, but when we were leaving the ramp this morning I told my johnnies we were going bonito fishing, and this time I meant it.

"If the sun don't come, you get a tan from standing in the English rain"

Captain W. Brice Contessa