Thursday, July 22, 2010

Long Strange Tuna Trip

People are always asking me "Hey, old man, what does the Fishing the Vineyard squad do when they've been working to hard and need a vacation?" The answer of course is go tuna fishing. Pictured in this spread are Johnny from Philly, Thomas and Robert-Douglas from Eddyville and the Bologna Snacker from Leg State University. Tuna fishing is kind of like being a fireman; long periods of inactivity periodically interrupted by short snaps of blistering heat. We hooked 2 tunafish on this errand, employing various methodologies that ran the gamete betwixt oldschool and new. One fish was fought to boat and lost, the other parted shortly after its initial run. Regardless of how many interactions I have with them, the drastic brawn of a tunafish will never cease to amaze me. We also wrote Haiku poems about our friends and enemies, had a amplitude of picnics (which were exceptional because there's no ants out there as Rob pointed out), contemplated how we could have forgotten to bring Trivial Pursuit, and berated the whales and seals for being banished to the sea after being deemed inadequate to cohabitate with the rest of us land mammals. All in all a peachy holiday with a terrific crew, hope to get back real soon.

'Grab a pack and hit the trail'

Fishing the Vineyard